Half ginger
Anime and Cosplay
Bi-gender pansexual
Male pronouns please
Aspiring Pastry Chef
Dog lover
Sarcastic asshole
A bit of a stoner
tw: I post whatever the hell I want and don't tag my reblogs. Sorry.


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Anonymous asked
Sounds pretty legit, ever used it for some foreplay or something?


thats what its for lol


nobody’s perfect


                                                                       except beyonce

I just cant shake the feeling that I just fucked everything up…

Anonymous asked
Yesterday it was butts, today it's bdsm?

I’m just really into collars yo

I have one

its awesome. its blue LED

and I have a dog tag with “Nyao-Nyao” on it and everything <33333


I'm :

• ugly without make up

• ugly with make up

• ugly in the morning

• ugly in the afternoon

• ugly at night

• ugly